Next Step Coach brings focus, structure and the assurance of consistent forward progress for your personal leadership. We have a high level of expected results for our coaching relationships, a joint responsibility shared with our clients. This is the outflow of our beliefs and values.

Expected Results

  • A personal rhythm and operating system designed together that will provide continuous learning, support and achievements for you to thrive and not burn out.
  • The focus and organization your priorities need that will ensure that your time and resources are best used.
  • A compelling vision articulated for tomorrow with reasonable milestones and pace for getting there without neglecting today’s responsibilities.
  • An understanding of your best work and personal passion with a game plan for centering more and more on your unique potential.
  • Confidence in your most important decisions and the assurance that your choices have been carefully considered.
  • Personal and professional development that will expand your strengths and open opportunities.

Beliefs and Values

You are already sufficiently creative and resourceful. You know your position best and possess what it takes to succeed. The coaching relationship will allow you to strategize and leverage your own assets and resources. Coaching is not about fixing anyone.

You were created with unique strengths, passions and purpose. We take this to be self-evident and work to highlight your unique features in your personal leadership. Coaching will sharpen the way you see your assets and move you towards the intersection of your strengths, passion and purpose for your impact and fulfillment.

Your best work will be marked by excellence, meaning and enjoyment. Coaching illuminates when you have been and can be at your best. Being at your best is an important aspiration that brings satisfaction. Work and life can, and should be, satisfying.

The power of coaching is found in the relationship with your coach, not a tool or model. Tools and models are a valuable part of coaching, but it’s the personal relationship that brings lasting transformation. The best coaches have a personal stake in the success of who they are coaching. Next Step Coach invests a personal stake in each coaching relationship.

Our Approach

Consistency brings momentum and forward motion. By applying careful attention in a focused direction, the goals, obstacles and resources come to the surface in a way that makes progress attainable.

Clarity comes through exploration of the whole person in thoughts and feelings. Your mind is the source of great insights and your emotions are a source of valuable indicators. Neither holds the sum of what is important and both need to be allowed to inform your leadership.

Action points provide an immediate step forward. The clarity and focus gained in a coaching session is put to action with an immediate next step. This provides the structure for moving forward with built in accountability.

Coaching lasts as long as there is an edge of learning. The edge of learning is what stimulates the need to know and a challenge to change. This is what usually prompts someone to hire a coach. It usually takes at least three months of coaching to see lasting change along that edge, though many people find multiple edges of learning for which they desire coaching that can last well over a year.